How to display a Youtube Video Thumbnail

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Youtube Wordpress Shortcode

Youtube WordPress Shortcode

If you often use Youtube videos in your blog posts, you would have always wanted to display a thumbnail from the video on the archive or homepage for your readers. Today I will tell you how to do that using a WordPress shortcode.

You will need to copy the following code in your theme’s “functions.php”. Thesis Theme users should copy this code to “custom_functions.php”.

Shortcode to display youtube thumbnail on your wordpress blog.
[youtube_thumb id="VIDEO_ID" img="0" align="left"]
VIDEO_ID= Youtube video id
img=0,1,2 or 3
align= left,right,center
function wp_youtube_video_thumbnail($atts) {
‘id’ => ”,
‘img’ => ’0′,
), $atts));
return ‘</pre>
<img id="" src="<a href=" alt="" />
<pre>’.$id.’/’.$img.’.jpg&quot; alt="" class="’.$align_class.’" />’;
add_shortcode(‘youtube_thumb’, ‘wp_youtube_video_thumbnail’);

Once done, you can use the shortcode. It accept 3 parameters: video ID, image size, and alignment. This shortcode uses Youtube API to create a thumbnail from the video.

[php][youtube_thumb id="rNWeBVBqo2c" img="0" align="center"][/php]

Thanks to Gunay for the great code!

Vijay Sharma

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