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If you own a Kindle and love to read on it, your kindle can be of more use to your now. You can transfer webpages and documents to your Kindle and read them at your leisure. Be it an interesting article you found on web or any PDF eBooks you can push them to your kindle.

There are multiple ways to do this:

  1. You can use Bookmarklets, like “Send to Kindle” button by Readability. You don’t have to sign-up for Readability for sending web pages – all you need to know is your Kindle’s unique email address that’s available under the section titled Your Kindle.
    Once you have your Kindle’s email address handy, install one of these add-ons (or get the bookmarklet if you are an IE user) and with a click, you will now be able to send neatly formatted web pages directly to your Amazon Kindle for reading later.
  2. Amazon also has a Send to Kindle App which is available for both Windows and Mac platforms. Once you install this app it will add a new option Send to Kindle to the right click menu and a virtual printer.
    - From Windows Explorer ( or Finder for Mac), simply right click on one or more
    documents and choose Send to Kindle.
    - From any Windows application that can print, select Print and choose Send to Kindle
    (documents are delivered in PDF format).
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Send Webpages and PDF Docs to Kindle

The same “Send to Kindle” app can be used to transfer documents from desktop to the Kindle app on you Android/iOS device. My 2 cents it’s a must have app for all Kindle users.

Let me know what do you guys think about this app.

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