Remove Versions From WordPress Static Resource

WordPress by default adds a query string at the end of static resources like JS and CSS ( Stylesheets ). Most scripts and stylesheets called by WordPress include a query string identifying the version. This can forces your static resources to download every time and result in increased page load times. Google Page Speed, Yahoo YSlow […]

Responsive Web Design and Google Adsense


Responsive Web Design is a simple CSS techniques which displays the same page based on the width of the client screen. Learn how you can use a small JavaScript code to make google adsense responsive as well.

Thesis 2.0 is Available for Download

Long awaited Thesis 2.0 theme is available for download since October 1, 2012 and comes packed with a bunch of new features, actually let me correct myself the whole theme itself has changed and new thesis theme has been designed to make customizing the theme as easy as possible (no coding required). The best three […]

Improved Ad Targeting and Relevancy using Robots.txt

A simple text file called robots.txt can lead disastrous results for your website if not configured properly. Know how can you provide access to google adsense web crawler to show relevant ads and maximize the adsense revenue from your website.

How to Enable Private Browsing in Firefox automatically

Change Firefox Address Bar Search Provider

If you like Mozilla Firefox’s private browsing mode and want to enable it by default. Here are few simple steps to do the same. Launch Firefox and type “about:config”  in the address bar. You will get a warning to be careful as any wrong setting change could cause your Firefox to misbehave. On the next […]

Gmail Advanced Search Gets Autocomplete in ‘To’ and ‘From’ Fields


Google is committed to make the life simpler by adding more and more features to its products. While lot of people are still accustoming to the new look and feel of Google products. Last Week Google announced additional language support in Gmail search and now they have released autocomplete for the Gmail Advanced search in […]

How to Enable Two Step Verification For Dropbox


Security has always been a big concern with people when it comes to cloud based storage. Now dropbox, famous cloud storage service has launched two step verification to provide extra security against hacks and data theft. What is Two Step Authentication Two step verification ensures that your account needs two codes to login, first your […]