New YouTube App for Windows 8 : YouTube8


YouTube, started by three former PayPal employees in 2005, has emerged as the best video hosting service. Even though there are dozens of video uploading and sharing services available today, none of them are really a match for YouTube. Now Windows 8 has a metro App for Youtube so you can enjoy videos right from your Windows 8 Metro Wall.

Disable USB Storage Drives on Computer


Protecting your data is the most critical and difficult task. With easy availability of USB Drives it is one of the easiest and most exploited methods to steal data. Today I will show how to use a freeware tool to protect your from being stolen.

How to Sync Data between Computers using Dropbox


If you use more than one computers regularly wouldn’t you like to have your data synchronize across computers automatically so that you can pick up the document or game from the same point on second computer where you left on the first computer.

How to Remove Passwords from PDF Files


If you are annoyed with remembering a bunch of passwords for PDF documents. Here is a freeware utility which can remove password protection from PDF documents

Send Web Pages and Documents to Kindle

amazon kindle

If you own a Kindle and love to read on it, your kindle can be of more use to your now. You can transfer webpages and documents to your Kindle and read them at your leisure. Be it an interesting article you found on web or any PDF eBooks you can push them to your […]

Dropbox Cache Consumes Lot of Hard Disk Space


If you are a Dropbox user and have recently noticed a spike in your diskspace usage, then most likely Dropbox cache is the culprit. Dropbox stores deleted files inside cache folder for quick restores. If you use Dropbox a lot this can consume your valuable HD space pretty quickly. Here’s a tip on how to […]

How to Convert Urls to Clickable Links

Recently while working on a project I came across a problem where the user enters some content while posting the deal and since the users are not HTML experts it would be really foolish of me to expect they will type correct HTML syntax hence I build a small regex in PHP to automatically convert […]