How to Add Custom Page Titles in Thesis Theme

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Thesis theme is one of the best premium themes available out there. It makes customizing the theme and SEO so freaking easy and you can do this all without fiddling with the theme core files. Today I will show you the trick to add custom titles for your category, tags and archive pages. For better SEO results every page needs a useful and unique title and duplicate title pages are penalized by Google and other search engines.

To generate Custom Page Titles add the following code to your custom_functions.php. If you don’t have Thesis, do yourself a favor and get one here.

This code is just an example to show how easy it is to customize the Page Titles using Thesis Hooks and Filters. Let me know if you need any help customizing Thesis

Vijay Sharma

Vijay Sharma is an aspiring tech blogger and internet consultant focused on helping the community with the tips and tricks that can help you build better web business.


  1. Jim Landers says

    Vijay, could you please give an example of what the pages look like when using this code?  For instance, I don’t understand why you just don’t type the title of the page at the top of the page when you create the page. Please explain what situations, I would use this code in. 

    Thanks so much!

    ~  Jupiter Jim  

    • says

      Jim, excellent question this technique is really useful when you generate the content of the page dynamically

      for example if you may have more than one page worth of content and you have to enable paging you might want to add page number to the title to avoid duplicate titles issue in Google SEO. so you can check for query_var['page'] and append the page number to the title.
      The use cases for this can be numerous but I just took a very simple one. I used this technique when I was developing for a client