WordPress is by far the most popular CMS and blogging platform that powers 50+ million websites build on PHP and MySQL. This is a collection of evergreen tips and hacks for WordPress which I have learnt by experience.

Disable WordPress Comments Easily For Pages and Custom Post Type

no comments allowed

In certain cases you may want to disable comments for custom wordpress post types or pages. This can be easily achieved by adding few lines of simple code to your theme. Open your theme’s functions.php and add following code

The code above will disable the comments on pages and your custom post type. Note: Replace ‘custom_post_type_name’ […]

How to Add Shortcodes in WordPress


Have you ever wanted to add special content in between your posts or pages like adding a image gallery, may be add a Google AdSense Ad, Social sharing buttons or anything for that matter. WordPress fortunately provides special tags called shortcodes which are easy to create and could be put to use anywhere in the […]

Add NoFollow to Links in WordPress Post

NoFollow External Links

Pagerank is very important when it comes to SEO for your website. It determines where your page will show up in Google search results, pages with higher PR will show up first and lower PR pages will be towards the bottom. As per Google’s Matt Cutts, Google Pagerank is number and importance of the links […]

Speed Up WordPress by Leveraging Browser Cache

speed up wordpress

As we all know having a fast website is no more a good to have feature. It is a must have for all serious bloggers and website owners because your visitors and Google bots like it fast :). One important step in improving your blog speed is to leverage browser cache. What is Browser Cache […]

Add Custom Favicon in Genesis Theme


Custom favicon ( the little icon that shows up in the browser) can be a great way to personalize your website/blog. If you are using Genesis framework then you are in luck. It is super easy to add custom favicon in a website developed with Genesis. This code snippet will help you to display your […]

Genesis Framework Review

genesis logo

If you are really serious about blogging and use WordPress as your choice of platform. You should really think about investing in a good WordPress framework so you can focus on writing content and not waste time in tweaking the design. There are a bunch of great WordPress frameworks available but my personal choice is […]

Redirect Blog Comments to Thank You Page [How-to]


On any website or blog there are two types of visitors, new and repeat and it is really challenging to keep your audience engaged especially the new one. Commenting on posts is one way to engage with your audience and groom the community around your blog. Having new visitors comment on your post is really […]

How to Insert Adsense Before and After Post in Genesis Theme


Ever since I moved my blog to Genesis Framework I have been extremely happy and impressed with the framework and its capabilities. I will share with you a tip today on how to insert Google AdSense ads before and after the post without using a plugin. Read More: Insert Google Ads Before and After Post in […]

How to Add Google Custom Search in Genesis

google cse look and feel

Even though WordPress internal search has come a long way and since 3.7 WordPress orders search results by relevance rather than by date. Details here. However there are several website owners who prefer to use Google Custom Search on your WordPress powered blog As you may have noticed that TechEach runs Genesis framework and uses Google Custom Search […]